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Education's Entrepreneurial Piggy Bank

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Find useful tips and tricks from the Piglt repository of knowledge.

Piglt Basics
→ What is 'Piglt'?
Piglt (pronounced 'piglet') is Education's Entrepreneurial Piggy Bank - a crowdfunding platform offering anyone (individual or organization) with an education-related cause the tools to easily and effectively raise money!
→ What is crowdfunding?
Traditionally, crowdfunding engages the community in mass collaboration to achieve a goal. In Piglt's case, our goal is making educational costs more affordable.
→ What are your age and location requirements to participate on Piglt?
To create a fundraising campaign on Piglt you must be 18 years or older and must be US residents and attending a school in the US (if the Campaign is for Tuition). Believers must be able to create a Balanced Payments Account and be a US resident or one of the countries listed on the Balanced Payments website (if necessary).
→ How does Piglt work?
Dreamers create video campaigns sharing their (or their organization's) dreams in articulate, creative, and fantastic ways with the hope that a Believer will help contribute in exchange for unique incentives they can offer. Incentives are typically skills, abilities, or products that are unique to each Dreamer and their background/training. Once the Campaign is ready, it is shared with your community and beyond.
→ Who uses Piglt?
At Piglt, people or organizations in need of funding or "Dreamers", engage the community to help pay for their education-related causes in return for goods, services, or other incentives. The funders, "Believers", contribute to Dreamer Campaigns for a variety of reasons: they are inspired by the Dreamer's Campaign, they share alumni, friends or family, or simply because they share common goals. Believers are the amazing, altruistic, strong-hearted type of people who know that all it takes to reach a goal is a little 'belief'.
→ What do you mean by "education-related" causes?
Whether you’re an individual raising money for your tuition or to pay off your student loans to a nonprofit organization raising money to cover the costs of the educational programs you run, like teaching outdoor survival skills or cancer awareness to disaster recovery efforts or mentorship programs -- Piglt is the place for community-based fundraising.
→ Can Piglt be used to fund anything education-expense related?
As long as the end recipient of the funds is a 'higher education' institution or your student loan originator, then yes. For example, if a Dreamer would like to take classes to become a Certified Pilates Instructor OR if a Nonprofit Organization wants to raise money for its Children's Camping Education program, they may do so -- as long as the Pilates facility/Nonprofit is the one receiving the funds respectively.
→ What is a Dreamer?
On Piglt, a Dreamer is an individual, group, or organization that is in search of funding for their education-related cause (tuition, student loan debt, nonprofit orgs, schools, etc.). Dreamers create a video campaign, choose a campaign deadline, a funding goal, and offer incentives" in exchange for contributions from Believers (individuals, groups, or companies). "
→ What is a Believer?
On Piglt, Believers are individuals, organizations, or companies looking to support individual's Dreamer Campaign. Believers support Dreamers for a variety of reasons: because they are inspired by the Dreamer's campaign, because they share alumni, friends or family, or simply because they share a common goal.
→ Where do Believers come from?
In most cases, Believers may initially be family and friends of the Dreamer. If Believers like what they see, they will tell their friends, post on blogs, and other social media outlets. Piglt itself is also a big enough source of traffic, as we do our best to spread the good word to attract as many Believers as possible.
→ Why do Believers support Campaigns?
Let's face it, no one likes asking for a handout and no one likes being asked for one. That's not what Piglt is about. Believers share alumni, friends, goals, and common interests with the Dreamer. Many Believers just feel inspired by a Dreamer based on the inspirational content in a Campaign. They support Campaigns because they know that all it takes to make dreams come true is a little belief. Dreamers also have the luxury of establishing professional relationships with Believers, which can lead to the possibility of future work and mentorship opportunities. Believers (if they choose to) receive incentives from the Dreamer in exchange for their funds, as well. Being a Believer is more than just funding someone's Campaign; it's supporting a Dreamer's dream to create something new, reach their goals, and provide an example to other Believers that a little belief can go a long way! Because one day soon, those Dreamers will soon become Believers and the cycle will continue...
→ What is a Dreamer Campaign?
A Dreamer Campaign is our word for "fundraising campaign". It is what each person/organization must create on Piglt in order to raise money for their education-related cause.
→ Who owns the rights to ideas or content in my Dreamer Campaign?
You own 100% of everything included in your Dreamer Campaign.
→ Do Believers get ownership or equity in the Campaigns they fund?
No. Campaign creators (Dreamers) keep 100% ownership of their work. Piglt cannot be used to offer financial returns or equity exchange of any kind. As a Believer, your 'return on investment' (ROI) is the satisfaction in knowing that you helped a Dreamer get one step closer to their goals, the enrichment of an increased professional network, and [if desired] the receipt of an awesome Dreamer-incentive in the process.
→ Does Piglt review Campaigns and Funds before the launch?
Yes. We do our best to verify that all enrollment and payment details are accurate prior to allowing them to launch. Dreamers and Believers agree to our Terms and Conditions verifying that the personal, enrollment, payment, and institution information they provided is accurate. Believers are ultimately responsible for the validity and legitimacy of a Campaign by deciding to fund it. Dreamers have no benefit to inaccurately represent personal or payment information, as they never physically 'see' the funds. Funds (less fees) are sent directly to the Dreamer's educational institution or loan originator.
→ Can I have more than one Dreamer Campaign running at a time?
No, you can only have 1 Dreamer Campaign running at one time. But after your Campaign ends, you can create another one and keep on rockin'!
→ Can I alter my goal amount on my Dreamer Campaign?
You cannot change your Campaign goal amount once it has been submitted for approval. Contact us if you have further questions.
→ Can I alter my deadline after my fundraiser is published?
No, once your Dreamer Campaign is published it is considered 'live'' and the deadline can't be changed. Contact us if you have further questions.
→ What happens if a Dreamer Campaign reaches its goal before the goal date?
If your Campaign is for tuition or student loans will end and will be considered successful. If the your Campaign is for a nonprofit or other organization, the Campaign continues to run and you will receive whatever amount you are able to raise.
→ What is the time limit of a Dreamer Campaign?
Dreamer Campaigns have a duration up to a maximum of 75 days.
→ How long does it take for the successful funding to be sent upon Campaign completion?
Depending on the release of funds from Balanced Payments, after your campaign has ended can take about 7 business days for all payments to clear and Piglt to send the funding to the Dreamer's education institution or loan originator.
→ How long does it take for Piglt's payment to reach it's final destination?
Bottom line is that you'll have to be patient. Each loan holder, loan processor, educational organization, and nonprofit organization will be different and has its own rules. Some will process payments faster than other. Piglt will let you know when the payment has been sent and it is up to you (the Dreamer) to keep track of when then the payment is processed into your account. We also recommend that you provide an update to your Believers when the payment has been processed.
→ How can my Dreamer Campaign become featured?
Create a Dreamer Campaign with an inspiring story, video, or message. The Piglt Team is always looking to feature people/causes doing great things -- so do something to grab our attention!
→ My Campaign launched. What now?
Send it to anyone and everyone you can! If your Dreamer Campaign succeeds in reaching its funding goal, all Believers' credit cards will be charged when the Campaign-time expires. If the current tuition Campaign falls short of your funding goal, no one is charged. Campaigns for current tuition fees are all-or-nothing, so choose your funding goal wisely. If a Dreamer creates a Campaign for their student loan debt, regardless of whether the Campaign reaches its funding goal, it is considered successful and anything pledged by Believers will be charged once the Campaign expires.
→ What is an 'Adjusted Goal Amount'?
Often times, Dreamers need an exact amount to pay for their course tuition. We encourage Dreamers to build in the fees (5% Piglt + 3% Payment Processing) into the goal amount you are trying to raise if you need an exact monetary amount. For example, let's say you have a course that costs exactly $500. The fees are charged to the amount you raise. So, if you are trying to raise the entire $500 and there are 8% of fees, this means $500/92% = $543.48 (8% of 543.48 is $43.48). So, you need to create your Campaign to raise $543.48 [<-- Your Adjusted Goal Amount] to receive $500 after all is said and done. Don't worry; this calculation is done for you and allows you to change your entry to fit your situation. Then you will be sure to get the entire amount that you need.
→ Why don't Loan Campaigns have Adjusted Goal Amount and get to keep any money raised?
We think that every little bit helps to reduce your student loan struggles. We encourage Dreamers not to raise money to pay off specific loan-amounts because the amount the Loan Originator will receive will be less fees (see Pricing tab for more information).
→ Why do you have to reach your funding goal for Tuition Campaigns?
It's less risky for both Dreamers and Believers -- period. If a Dreamer needs $3,000 to pay for an upcoming class, it's tough raising $1,000 and having numerous Believers expecting the Dreamer to come up with additional $2,000 for the class. So, if each class costs $3,000, then Dreamers need to reach their goal and raise the full amount (factoring in Piglt and payment processing fees). If Believers believe in the Dreamer, their passion, and the mission of the Campaign, they are going to help facilitate its success.
→ "But I have $150,000 in student loan debt, what about me?"
Piglt is here to help! But we encourage you to raise money in smaller, more manageable amounts. This not only ensures that you'll reach your funding goal, but it also helps you ensure success in delivering on-time, quality incentives to your Believers. You always have the option keep the money you raise in your Loan Campaign, but to ensure realistic goals are set, Piglt charges a 5% fee if the goal amount is reached and 8% if the goal amount is not. Keep in mind, that once one campaign ends, you can create another Campaign to continue paying off that loan if you need to -- so no worries!
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